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Step #1, Choose Your Easy Reader Book

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Step #2, Send Your Beginning Reader a Special Message

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Personalized Books from Lunchpail!

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Before you "Add to Cart" your book, select the Personalize! option from the menu. Fill in the "To" "Message" "Closing" and "From" fields and we'll make sure your early reader finds your special message at the front of their book! It's so easy but so meaningful!

Personalized Books are a special gift for birthdays and holidays that tell that special somebody just how much they mean to you. Here at Lunchpail Books we take Personalized Books a step further. You can customize not just a name on the cover but instead a whole page at the beginning of the book! Imagine how your son or daughter, neice or nephew, grandson or granddaughter with feel when they open their easy reader and it's customized with a personal message from you! You can't even imagine how special it will be. And you'll have proof that you were one of the first ones to inspire them to read. How memorable is that?!

Step #3, Watch as they learn to read!

And they'll always know that it was your special gift!

We want to help Children Learn to Read

Lunchpail Books is passionate about creating exciting, fun, age appropriate books for young readers that will help them master the life skill of reading. Our books are designed with carefully selected vocabulary, compelling illustrations, and a fun storyline kids want to read over and over!

What is an Early Reader?

What Are Easy Reader Books?

Easy Reader Books are relatively new. They really started in 1957 with The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel). Before then illustrated books were mostly read-aloud stories designed to be read to children by adults or perhaps older children. The Cat in the Hat was written with a controlled vocabulary limited to the 220-word Dolch vocabulary list. This was ideal for the early reader. This is what made Dr. Seuss so special and fun to read. A trip to the bookstore or anywhere that is selling children’s books, you will still find a plethora of titles by the late author. Very few other books offer such compelling story telling with such a controlled vocabulary.

Lunchpail Books continues the tradition of fun, exciting easy reader books utilizing the same controlled or restrictive vocabulary. Each book is careful crafted inside and out to provide children with a sound foundation in independent reading. We highly recommend that you start with the “Peep Peep” series and watch your early reader get excited about reading!

What do teacher's say about Lunchpail?

From the classroom...

"The “Peep Peep” stories have simply adorable pictures with all of the components to encourage early readers. I love the endings because they highlight the basic needs of love and care, which are such a comfort to all children."

Judy Wedel, Masters in Special Education, 20 years elementary teaching experience.

"Peep Peep Comes Home book is a fabulously fun adventure that keeps the reader on their toes throughout the entire book."

Faith Williams, BA in Education,--Reading Teacher K-8, Washington State

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Lunchpail Books

The more children read, the better they become at reading. The more young children are read to, the greater their interest in mastering reading. So, how do you build the foundation for a life-long love of reading? Start early.

Lunchpail Books for young kids have been carefully crafted to focus on age appropriate vocabulary with simple fun illustrations. Children will want to hear the same story over and over again. Although this might drive you crazy, children will find comfort in the familiarity and predictability of hearing the same story multiple times. Pretty soon they will want to read “all by myself”… with the restricted vocabulary along with the rhythm and rhyme your child will soon be able to “solo”. This is a great tool to teach children to read!

Reading is fun, cool and exciting… what a wonderful legacy to leave your children! So with these pages you will find a great foundation to a lifetime of book exploration. We will continue to add new, fun and exciting books to our store… so check back soon.


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